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Heya. I used your asset in my game here (you don't have to play it, it's not very good).

Oh my, I am so in love with your art... I already was with cute demon crasher but it's so cuuuute.

This is so excellent and professional! Incredibly well done~

If you consider this "simple", what do you consider complex? 😅


The art is so cute!


Cool Very cute!!!!!


I'm not sure I understand the license. Is it only avaivable when using Ren'Py or can I use it on another engine, like Unity?

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This asset is provided 'as-is', and it's free for personal and commercial uses.
You may copy, modify or share this asset as you see fit.
under the MIT license

I think it is obvious. You can use it but not claim it yours.


I think you can use it for both engines XD

Thank you so much! I'm currently saving up for the other characters ^-^ Your art is so cute and I can easily see myself making a beach-themed comedic otome. Looking forward to more <3


I'm glad you like them!
And that sounds like a lovely idea for a VN, so best luck with it! :DDD